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Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
to curing hard-to-treat diseases. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg launched the prize along with google co-founder, sergey brin, arthur levinson and others. they are calling it the largest ever award in the field. professor yamanaka is honored to have been awarded the prize and expressed deep appreciation to his colleagues and family. he also says he would like to accelerate his work to begin clinical trials for ips cells and put them to practical use. >>> when japanese people want to unwind, there's nothing many enjoy more than a hot spring bath with thousands of them all over the country, that's not hard to achieve. hot springs have other uses too. a group of engineers from the steam-rich southern island have developed a new type of power generator. the new system uses both hot water and steam. it can produce enough electricity to supply several households. it has two turbines. the hot water first turns one turbine. the steam turns the other. the hot springs energy is harnessed more efficiently than if the two sources are used separately. japan has abundant geothermal activity because of
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am PST
. google has also been developing a computer that looks like a pair of eyeglasses. competition in the emerging field of wearable computers is expected to further intensify. >>> new home prices rose in major cities in china last month despite the efforts to reign in speculative activity. officials will expand a pilot property tax program and other measures to curb the price hike. new housing prices rose in january in 53 cities. prices soared 2% or more in the industrial hubs of schennzhen. they went up 1.6% in beijing and 1.1% in wuhan. officials say they will expand taxation on real estate from shanghai to other cities. they say the measure is it to prevent public criticism linked to unaffordable property prices. they also plan to define maximum limits for price fluctuations in beijing and other big cities. >>> authorities in china and japan have been at odds for months over a territorial dispute. but another crisis is prompting them to work together. record levels of air pollution in china have been traveling east spreading fine particles over western japan. officials from bot
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2